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Combo Peel Treatment

Dramatically Removes

Wrinkles (Eyes, Lips, Cheek, Furrows, Forehead, Neck, Décolleté-Chest, etc.) ♦ Sun Damage ♦ Freckles ♦ Dry or Dehydrated ♦ Collagen & Elastin Deficiency ♦ Broken Capillaries ♦ Hyper-Pigmentation [read more] ♦ Hypo-Pigmentation ♦ Acne ♦ Acne Scarring ♦ Rosacea ♦ Hollowing of Jaw Line ♦ Sagging Eye Contours ♦ Dark Circles ♦ Impaired Circulation ♦ Marionette Lines and Impressions ♦ Stretch Marks ♦ Melasma ♦ Pregnancy Mask ♦  Discoloration


Pigment Removal

Pigment Removal 70-90% of Hyper-pigmentation, Melasma, Pregnancy Mask and Discoloration with the first treatment, and even more within a Reversing Time Program.


Resurfaces the Epidermis, removing aged, damaged, or unsightly Stratum Corneum layers that also block topical nutrients from entering the skin.


Delivers External Cosmeceutical nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants into the freshly exposed and absorbent skin, supporting the reversal of its aging process in the Epidermal Structure.

Triggers Weeks

Triggers Weeks of incredible thickening and firming with Collagenic Matrix Rebuilding by releasing Collagen & Elastin Peptides in the Dermis, restructuring the entire skin matrix from dermis to surface.


Creates a FaceLift thickening of Extra-Cellular Lipids (moisture barrier replenishment) in the Stratum Granulosum and Collagenic Matrix Rebuilding in the Dermis.

Cosmetic Depth

Cosmetic Depth of Treatment is similar to a “sun tan” peel. No Red Coloration.


Results in 8-10 days.


Reverses Up to 3 years of aging. 


Repeat every 6 weeks. 

Spin Back Time

Spinning Back Time is accomplished when used in our treatment programs. The results of which are a revitalized, renewed, and rebuilt skin and dermal cellular structure that has been nurtured from Dermis to Surface with increased levels of blood nutrients: oxygen, vitamins, antioxidants, hormones, peptides, amino acids and hyaluronic acid. Structural regeneration firms and tones the skin from within, fortifying the foundation of your beauty, reversing and erasing the years, creating and revealing a younger looking you.

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